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What do Oxford and Cambridge look for in a personal statement?

This is your moment to showcase your skills! You need to tell Oxford or Cambridge about what makes you different. Give them your unique selling point on top of your excellent academic record, and persuade them with your commitment and passion! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you apply to Oxford or Cambridge through the UCAS system, you will be asked to write a personal statement. This is an essay style piece of writing that gives you the opportunity to show why you will be a good fit for your course.

This is the perfect opportunity – and your only opportunity before the interview – to convince the tutors of why you would love to study the subject that they specialise in.


Our team of Oxbridge undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni will perfect your text to help you stand out from other applicants. You only get one shot at your personal statement so make it the best it can be.


Our team of Oxbridge undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni know first hand what it takes to be accepted into a dream university. Maximise your chances of success with our knowledge and insider tips 

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