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About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you apply to the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford with the least amount of stress and the most amount of insider information. Our solution is designed to help maximize success and minimize anxiety. Developed by Oxbridge alumni for Oxbridge applicants, we know what an amazing opportunity it is to read for a degree at Cambridge or Oxford University. We also appreciate how hard it is to get in, how confusing it can be to choose the right college and how time consuming the application process is, just at the time when you’re frantically busy studying for your A levels or other exams. We created Optimal Oxbridge to help you pursue your Oxbridge dream.  


Knowledge is Power

We know first-hand how important it is to be part of a college and university where you can thrive, be happy, and reach your potential.  From sports to your social life, from academia to clubs, your university experience is the bridge between education and the future life you deserve and the impact you will have on the world.  

It’s not enough to just hope for your future; you have to plan and make it happen. We know exactly how the Oxbridge applications process works. We designed Optimal Oxbridge to help you structure your application for the best possible performance, maximizing your chances of success.  

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’
Nelson Mandela

At Optimal Oxbridge, we are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible educational solutions. A percentage of our profit is allocated for donations to educational charities, and we actively look for opportunities to partner with champions of learning and knowledge sharing. 

Our Solutions

Optimal Oxbridge Optimizer

Designed for Success

Applying to university can be a daunting task — researching your course, writing your personal statement, as well as getting to grips with all the application platforms and forms.  

If your lifelong dream has been to go to the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge, you also have one more decision to make, one that can hugely impact your application success – which college? 

Choosing the right college which suits you best and gives you the greatest chance for success is an essential part of a brilliant Oxbridge application. Using data-driven research into trending Oxbridge admissions and predictive modelling, the Optimal Oxbridge Optimizer helps you make confident decisions about your first-choice college, based on what matters to you and the probability of getting an offer. 


With the Optimizer, you tell the model exactly what you want from your college and the model will tell you which colleges fulfil your criteria. The model also tells you which of those colleges have the highest probabilities of getting you an offer.

You will have access to college bios, course summaries, interview tips and questions. These are all written by Oxbridge undergraduates and graduates, giving you fantastic insights from students and graduates who have been where you are now, and successfully gained their place.

Start Your Oxbridge Journey Now

Designed with the sole focus of increasing your chances of an offer

We focus on the research, so you can enjoy the best part – making a well-informed choice. Tell us what you want from your university experience using the Optimizer’s filters, and we will provide you with your personalized shortlist of the top 5 colleges where you have the best chance of receiving an offer. Our proprietary tech combines current data, predictive modelling, insider information and trending insights to give you the greatest chance of getting into the college that is right for you.

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