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There are many myths and false assumptions surrounding the interview process at Cambridge and Oxford. For many applicants, the process seems confusing, daunting and the whole procedure can be a major source of anxiety. You may not know that although you can revise for your chosen degree-specific questions, there is also a class of questions that can be asked regardless of the degree you wish to read. These questions have taken on an almost legendary quality but it’s well worth preparing for them, just in case. The worst that will happen is you stretch your brain a bit. The best is that you will be well prepared for whatever may be thrown your way. 
Written by Oxbridge alumni, our Oxbridge Insider Info provides you a concise rundown of the qualities admissions tutors are searching for in stand-out applicants, key types of questions to expect, example interview questions and indications for excellent replies. Read on as we de-mystify the fables and misconceptions surrounding the infamous Oxbridge interview and offer solutions to all of your worries…

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