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Oxford – English & Czech (with Slovak)

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The Facts

UCAS Code:


Standard Requirements:

A Levels: AAA IB: 38 with 666 at HL For other qualifications, check the Oxford University website.

Required Subjects:

English, Czech

Advisable Subjects:

None stated by the university.

None stated by the university.

Applicants must submit between one and three pieces of school/college work by 10 November 2022. A piece of marked classwork in the target language must be submitted, unless you are a beginner in the chosen language. For the Modern Languages part of the course, all applicants must submit one piece of graded writing in English. A second piece of written work in English according to the English Language and Literature guidelines must also be submitted, which generally is an analytical discussion of an English literature or language topic. If you have a writing sample that would be suitable for both the English and Modern Languages part of the course, one piece may be submitted for both.

All English and Modern Languages: 29 (80% interviewed, 25% successful)

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